~Services to Honor Your Higher Self~

~At the core of each of us, is the spark of Creation & an infinite connection to Love, Light & the Universe. Unfortunately, many of us feel lost or disconnected for a variety of reasons. It is your Divine Right to BE in a state of Love and Harmony with the Universe! Maiden Light Studios is here to provide many unique services that can help assist you in restoring Harmony with your energetic self! As we begin to tap into our Divine Connection with the Universe; we start to connect with our Unlimited Creative Potential & Awaken to how we are intimately connected to All that exists in our world.

Maiden Light's Services include a variety of Healing Practices depending upon your needs with the pretense that Healing is simply the beginning of returning to a state of wholeness.

Our Services include:

*Reiki, *Aromatouch, *Oneness Blessings, *Guided Meditation Circles, *Shamanic Journeying Experiences, *Channeled Art, *Essential Oil Blends, & more!

~I look forward to serving you and your Higher Self!~

Rev. Corey Elaine Bley

Owner of Maiden Light Studios



Understanding Your Divinity

We are just like the Earth in that we have a unique energy that flows through us like the Earths Magnetic Field.

When you experience a traumatic event, it can create an imprint or block in your energy field.

Blockages can also occur from energetic inheritances from your family lineage,

 childhood upbringing, pollution from the environment

and improper nourishment. 

Energy Healing is a traditional healing system

that restores the balance and flow

of energy throughout the

Body, Mind, and Soul. 

These techniques work directly

With the Physical,

Emotional &

Spiritual aspects

of well-being.

Reiki channels

Divine Intelligent Energy

which goes directly

to the source of the disturbance

& begins the process

of healing the blockages. 

Deeksha & Oneness Blessings

work to shift our perceptions and begin

the process of Enlightenment.

Shamanic Journeying connects us

with our inner world of intuition to

receive guidance from

the worlds within us.

Channeled Art

uplifts the environment

to create sacred space.

When Sacred Space is created,

we feel safe, and can truly relax and

allow ourselves to rejuvenate.

Our natural state is one of Love and Harmony.

This is your Divine Right.

Healing simply is a path to returning you to this natural state of being.

All of these wonderful Services and Products

Are available to you through

Maiden Light Studios!

In Love & Light,




What They’re Saying

Kelly E.

Corey, the owner, is a kind, beautifully wise, and creative holistic practitioner. Just being in her joy-filled presence will lift your mood.

I love the Maiden Light Studios essential oil blends. I deeply appreciate the one-on-one consultation with Corey to fine-tune the essential oil combination to assist with many different scenarios--balancing a specific energy chakra, helping the flow of emotional currents, or to feel deep relaxation. Corey incorporates essential oils into her services, along with her ethereal singing voice (which is so calming and will bring you a sense of comfort and belonging while you relax).

Corey also creates divinely-inspired paintings, colorful energy-charged clothing, sacred geometric light-reflecting chandeliers, and is a Japanese Reiki Master Teacher! You never know what Corey will dream up and bring to life next, but it will always be integrated with oceans and oceans of Love!

I will always be a lifelong client of Maiden Light Studios and am grateful for Corey's healing presence and her amazing, life-supporting services and creations, which have truly helped me to thrive along with the many seasons of life

Dena G.

Corey is a wonderfully creative person!
Her Reiki is soothing and her art is thoughtful and radiant.
In the first few weeks of quarantine I was in rough shape so I had a distance session with her and within minutes I was washed over with relief and fell asleep for a few minutes feeling completely refreshed after.
Thank you Corey

Janice W.

I needed new business cards for my private therapy practice and Corey created the perfect ones for me. My treatment approaches encourage growth through empowerment. Corey's beautiful cards succeeded in capturing the essence of my work with my clients. I receive compliments quite often on them and highly recommend her for all your creative business needs.





If you heard about a service or product that is not listed, we can work to accommodate your needs!

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"If we get lost in dark despair, beauty takes us back to Center"

Piero Ferrucci