~Exploring the Art of Channeling~

   At the core of each of us is the spark of Creation and an infinite connection to Love, Light & the Universe. When I create my work, I surrender to the flow & allow myself to be guided, placing a specific intent for each piece. I believe that when we connect with the Oneness of the Universe through the process of quieting our mind, we have access to unlimited creative potential. As we align ourselves with pure intent unclouded by other thoughts or distractions, the outcome is something otherworldly.

   I have come to understand that the works I create are Energetic Expressions of Sacred States of Being. Everything has an energetic component and depending upon your intention it will radiate into it's surrounding environment, as proven by Masaru Emoto's studies of frozen drops of water. Think of my mandala-like works as snowflakes emanating a thought or feeling. 

    Along with Fine Art, I provide Healing and Teaching services. Sessions can be booked directly through this site and detailed explanations are given on the following pages!​ Please enjoy this work that has been a lifetime in the making!

~I look forward to serving you and your Higher Self~

In Love and Light,

~The Maiden



Corey Elaine Bley

"To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker,

 the stillness underneath the mental noise,  

 the love and joy underneath the pain

 Is freedom, salvation and enlightenment."

-Eckhart Tolle

      The path of an artist is a journey, as with anything in life. The deepest form of expression is truth,

which is why at times creating can be intimidating. To be an artist, one must be comfortable with being naked on the canvas. All of yourself goes into what you create.

Over time, I began to understand this on a deeper level. Where I had once thought I had a lack of voice or direction in my work at the beginning of my journey, I discovered from looking back on past projects and the progress created that a definite pattern emerged. In reflection, the work itself seemed to represent a very common human plight, that of understanding oneself, in every aspect, atom, and molecule of light,

by breaking through boundaries, fears and blocks

in order to connect with all that is.

The remainder of my work that arose after healing some of those internal conflicts are paintings that I believe depict the universe in it's purest essence, and it's incredible unending flow. To produce each work, I had to intuitively trust that by placing an intent for expression, a painting would result. This work I call "Channeled", which I believe we all do but is not necessarily understood in it's entirety. I believe this is where pure inspiration comes from, instead of needing a physical muse, the Universe is the source for unlimited creative potential. 

Put simply, the artwork I create comes from a place of Oneness,

and represents the deep spiritual truths I have experienced in life, meditation and

being present in life's journey.

Please join me in exploring some of life's mysteries, and perhaps for a moment

ponder our beautiful, infinite universe together.


"If we get lost in dark despair, beauty takes us back to Center"

Piero Ferrucci


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