Understanding Your Divinity

We are just like the Earth in that we have a unique energy that flows through us like the Earths Magnetic Field.

When you experience a traumatic event, it can create an imprint or block in your energy field.

Blockages can also occur from energetic inheritances from your family lineage,

 childhood upbringing, pollution from the environment

and improper nourishment. 

Energy Healing is a traditional healing system

that restores the balance and flow

of energy throughout the

Body, Mind, and Soul. 

These techniques work directly

With the Physical,

Emotional &

Spiritual aspects

of well-being.

Reiki channels

Divine Intelligent Energy

which goes directly

to the source of the disturbance

& begins the process

of healing the blockages. 

Deeksha & Oneness Blessings

work to shift our perceptions and begin

the process of Enlightenment.

Shamanic Journeying connects us

with our inner world of intuition to

receive guidance from

the worlds within us.

Channeled Art

uplifts the environment

to create sacred space.

When Sacred Space is created,

we feel safe, and can truly relax and

allow ourselves to rejuvenate.

Our natural state is one of Love and Harmony.

This is your Divine Right.

Healing simply is a path to returning you to this natural state of being.

All of these wonderful Services and Products

Are available to you through

Maiden Light Studios!

In Love & Light,



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