This hand made banner has been meticulously crafted using fabric dyes and a blocking agent to create the design. The boarder of this banner has a light teal ribbon sewn around the edge to give the colors a nice complement. The size of the piece is 37/48 inches, so aprroximately 3 feet by 4 feet. This piece can be displayed however you choose!

This particular energetic piece has a very light and whimisical feeling to it!

Upon arrival, the piece will have been carefully folded. It will need to be ironed to remove the wrinkles. You can iron the center image on "Cotton", and avoid using the iron on the boarder as it is polyester and is heat sensitive. A low iron setting for the edges would be safe. The piece can be washed if in the future it gets dusty from being on display uncovered. Wash on cold, gentle cycle, and lay flat to dry, followed by a good ironing :)

This truly is a stunning piece and will make any area it goes in bright and beautiful!

Divine Masculine & Feminine Wall Hanging